Bankrate - $$$$ they didn’t teach you ft. Dasha Kennedy

A series about all the $$$$ you didn’t learn in school but probably should have, made with the wonderful Igor + Valentine studio. It consists of 6 episodes, each of which features an entrepreneur or influencer sharing what they wish they’d been taught about finances. I was asked to create illustrations for episodes 2-6 and animate some of the scenes. This is episode 3 featuring Dasha Kennedy. Check out Bankrate’s YouTube channel for more!


Client: Bankrate
Production: Haley Williams

Storyteller: Dasha Kennedy
Direction: Igor + Valentine
Storyboard: David Stanfield, Matt Smithson
Illustration: Agata Musiał, David Stanfield, Matt Smithson
Animation: David Stanfield, Matt Smithson, Agris Caurs, Agata Musiał, Zeke Cincunegui, Zack Lee
Edit and sound design: Steven Lester

Some scenes I illustrated and animated -

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